Monday, November 17, 2008

Updates from Ray

Day One, Sunday, November 16TH: Check in United Airlines at PDX:


The blue tote full of the donations was 74 lbs and the first United personnel said "that will not work!"...but once again God sent the same angel, actually the same lady that checked us in two weeks ago. She wanted to hear everything that happened two weeks ago and her associate next to her remember us as well. They both wanted to see pictures and I told them both that on my business travels that I would swing by and share them...once again "no charge" for the bags that according to the first point of contact this morning stated "that will not work!"

All things are possible when God is in control. I really need to remember that on this trip.

Love you,
Raymond John

DAY TWO, Monday, November 17TH: Check in Ethiopian Airline at Dulles

Good morning my wife.....

Same guy checked me in from two weeks ago, no discussion took place he just processed the ticket and checked-in the charge. Only bummer right now is that I have a center seat.

I love you,

PS. Manute Bull, the basketball player is on this flight...he is so tall! I asked him if he remembered you from the sidelines:)
By the way I was able to obtain an aisle seat!


Kiki:) said...

Ohhhhh these sweet notes are so much fun to read, Theresa. I know you're heart is torn...want to be home, but in ET too. We are praying fervently!! God is so good!!!
We can't WAIT to hear more:)))
Lets talk on the phone today...can I have your phone number *again*
love you,

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

How fun! It's just so crazy to think he's in the air and will be there soon!!!! Hope you are surviving and doing well...we're praying for you all. :)
Love to you,