Monday, November 24, 2008

The Fun Firsts!

As I said in an earlier post, one of the things I enjoy about this part of the adoption process is seeing the wonder and excitement as my child experiences "firsts". I thought I would share a few of E's with all of you!

(playing dolls with Big Sister)

(listening to a piano duet)

(coloring with Little Sisters)

(swinging on the swings in our backyard)

(first beauty salon expeirience)

(awesome braids!)

(first day of home school)


Steve and Anna said...

It is so good to see both your girls home! We are in awe of All God has done and we will be praying for your whole family as the girls settle into home. with love!
Anna & Steve

Kiki:) said...

We are in HEAVEN stalking for new photos....these are incredible. I can't believe you've been home only since Friday & look at all E's firsts:))) lol
WE just posted a little "happy" for her on our new blog (
We are praying for your family.
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Kari (aunti kiki)

Darren said...

I got to meet E on 11-14-08 while at the TH and she was so helpful interpreting for me. She is such a sweet girl and seeing these pictures today really touched me. My daughter is Yordanos and we hope to bring her home really soon.

Darren Sapp

shawn and tisha said...

It's so neat to see some of E's firsts! Thanks for sharing them! Her braids look beautiful! :)

Susan said...

Wow! So much fun already!! I love the braids!

Love you all! Susan

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Please tell E. that I LOVE all the pics of her "firsts"!!! :)
And yes, I'm feeling quite guilty that I have not updated our blog...maybe it has something to do with 4 small children (one of which I haven't even had a month!) and my husband is outta town!!! LOL
Hopefully the new week will bring blog updates! :)
Love to you all!

Jaime said...

Love all the pix! Her hair looks beautiiiiful!

lorismusings said...

It was so fun to visit with you today. The girls enjoyed meeting Etsegenet and are looking forward to our next get together. When we came home Kira went to her baby dolls and called them Etsegenet and Meseret. :-)

Thanks for letting us come! Have a great Thanksgiving. Talk to you soon. Lori

Laurel said...

Our kids have been home from Ghana for almost 9 months, and we are still excited about every "first". Lots of "first" this month, with all of our Christmas celebrating.

I just looked at your daughter's blog, and she sounds so much like my eldest daughter ... a WONDERFUL mommy to the little ones when dad and mom are out of town. And ... my daughter lives in Oregon, too.


mama of 13