Saturday, November 15, 2008

To the Rescue!

Two weeks ago while we were in Ethiopia Ray met his nine year old daughter for the first time. A bond began to form between them and by the end of our week it was clear Etsegenet was happy to have a father.
Ray played Uno at least twenty-five times, gave Etsegenet Sees candy, made her a spaghetti dinner from our store of dehydrated camp food, and colored with her. For part of the time Etsegenet just wanted to watch her dad color in her new Barbie color book.

So one day Ray colored a beautiful picture of a prince riding through the forest to rescue the beautiful princess. He crossed out the names on the page and inserted Dad for the prince and E's name for the damsel in distress. He gave this color page to her with a promise that in two weeks her daddy would indeed come to get her and bring her safely home. She carefully stored the picture in her new carry on. The look of hope on her face is an image I stored carefully in my mind.

Well tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn Prince Dad will begin his arduous trek to bring our Beautiful Etsegenet home. He said to me this week that the only cure for the plight of the orphan is to give them a home and now their in one less fatherless child in the world. I don't know about you, but I think every girl wants a daddy just like this.


Sherry said...

This post has me in tears! How precious that E's daddy is on his way to get her. Such a beautiful pictures of our heavenly Father's rescue of us. We CANNOT wait until it is our turn to rescue our little princess and her two brothers.

Blessings - Sherry Semlow :)

Jaime said...

How precious!!! I am so happy for her and for your family, too!!!

Patty V. said...

Oh, HOW exciting! Praying for Ray and the rest of you guys! What an awesome family God has blessed you with. I can't wait until you are all home together.

The Violettes

Dee said...

OH MAN!!! That is so cool!!! We've been praying for you all today and can't wait to see the amazing things God has in store for those who love him! :)
your Ex-TB :)

Kiki:) said...

Theresa, did it again. I'm weeping tears of joy thinking about your hubby traveling so far to bring home Sege!! God is so miraculous in choosing your family for your 2 precious ET princesses!! Most of our princesses were fatherless & it makes my heart soar to know God provides ALL THINGS!!
We love you all & praying!!!

Anonymous said...

Cant wait to meet our newest neice. You guys are amazing. Wilma

Becky Burk said...

sniff, sniff... how sweet. I love this post! I'm so excited for you guys to have both your girls home!

Angelina said...

I can't wait for Dad and Etsegenet to be home!!!!!! YES...I get another roommate!!! :) -Gela

Nunez Family said...

WOW, Beautiful E is blessed to have a father like Ray come rescue her. We were honored to have spent time with her last week:))) We are praying for his saftety, health & quick return with his new daughter! God is good!
We Love you all
The Nunez's

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm official a mess...being a dad to a daughter will do that to a person! :-)

Kimberly Kulp said...

Sweetest thing ever! Praise God for Godly, loving fathers!