Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Finally Some News!

Day Four, Wednesday Night, November 19Th
(Thursday Morning Ethiopia time)

Finally I received a call from Ray tonight. He was not able to call yesterday as the guesthouse attendant did not allow it. Apparently he did not understand that Ray would pay for his own call. Bummer. Well better communication today allows us to talk!
The embassy appointment went well and all documents are signed and the visa and passport should be ready today sometime. After the embassy yesterday, Ray was able to get a little shopping done. He purchased many more scarves for all us women in various vibrant colors(all of us love these scarves!). Apparently Etsegenet does as well as Ray told me she confiscated the fuchsia one for her own(smart girl...she grabbed it early). After shopping Ray got a taxi and he and E went over to the Sheraton Hotel for a swim. The original plan had been the Hilton, but the pool was closed. Etsegenet had never been in a pool before and briefly went under while in the shallow end. Although the water only came up to her waist she was disoriented for a moment. Ray grabbed her and she clung to him. It was a little fright. After that he took her to the little kids swim area where there was a slide and the water was a little more shallow. Once she was there she had a blast! Her new red swimsuit and matching cover-up look great Ray said.
Just a side note for any of you thinking of adopting older kids. One of the most enjoyable aspects of older child adoption is when you get to see one of their "firsts". For example: Riding an elevator, trying on new clothes at a department store, skiing, seeing the ocean, sleeping in a full length twin bed with new sheets, their first pet, Christmas with the family! The list goes on and on.
Today Ray was going to do a little more shopping, visit the orphanages and distribute the gifts we had brought for Fortuna(the TH nurse), Rachel and Barrett. We had bought a few clothes for Robel, our guide, and they were a hit. Everything fit and he loved them. The Lusse family sent some glow sticks for him. He had seen them and thought they were great when we came last time. Thanks to the Lusse family he now owns his own! I'm sure this day will fly by for Ray and after he receives the final passport and visa he and E will be heading over to the airport. They will get their by 6:30pm Ethiopian time and fly out at 10:15pm. Please, please pray for a peaceful and safe trip for my sweet husband and newest daughter. We miss them so and are praising God for his powerful hand as this adoption is finalized and completed. You know Ray and I both agree that once the adoption is finished it is all just good parenting from then on and I cannot wait for Beautiful E to get home so we can do just that!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like everything is going Incredibly Well. Cannot wait to see our newest niece. Wilma

Kiki:) said...

We are THRILLED to hear the new news:)We are praying them home!!
love you lots!!

Angelina said...

One more day Mom!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

THanks so much for keeping us so well updated! I'm so excited to meet Etsegnet, the child of so many prayers! I prayed for Meti today...such transitions for this young girls! praying for Ray and E too!
Angi Near

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! They're almost here!!! I won't even get to see them but I can hardly wait for them to get home! hahaha
Oh yeah! Those dollar glow sticks were really right up there with all the clothes you guys gave! LOL YOu are too much my CPC!!! Very sweet though!
Thanks for being such a wonderful example on blogging...the updates are amazing! Now if I could only emulate! LOLOLOL
Love to you,
Procrastinating homeschool mom

Jaime said...

oh, i am filled with excitement for your big girl to finally be HOME! i can't wait to continue hearing of all those firsts!)

Anonymous said...

The girls and I are beside ourselves in eagar anticipation of meeting Meseret and Etsegenet. I think the girls have E's name down now we have prayed for her so much!

I hope we see you on Friday, but with the travel schedule, I am thinking that is optimistic. It would be so great though!

You are so right about those "firsts". Our girls are very excited about "thank you to God day" next week.


Laurel said...

Just found your blog tonight, and am so enjoying it.

We brought 3 siblings (ages 7, 10, 12) home from Ghana last March. After 8 months, we are still enjoying all of the "Firsts". This week, Jacob went to his first high school football game (where our team took the State Championship). While Jacob was at the football game, Sarah and Rachel enjoyed their first parade, with our town's Lighted Christmas Parade.

I look forward to reading much more of your blog.