Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Opportunity NOT Missed!

I am amazed when I consider just what God has done in my life. When He first asked me to reconsider my ideas on children, that is, that all children are a blessing, I had a 360 degree turn around at that point( see my earliest postings). Once I made the proper switch in my mind about my purpose and God's power it did not take long before my family size began to increase. I also am frightened by what I would have missed if I had not obeyed what God says is the right thing to do. Of course at first what He was asking me to do(open my heart to His children) seemed like the scary thing, but God's will usually seems that way. It's why we walk by faith and not by sight. Many people are freaked out by the number of kids I have, but I am not. God knows what is best, not the people around me. Just look at the faces of these children I have surrounding me. Three of them would have grown up in a foreign orphanage(if they had lived that long), and one would never have existed if I had continued in my "What's best for me" lifestyle!

Most of all I am eternally GRATEFUL for the awesome blessing all my children are in my life, from the oldest to the youngest. Sure, things are hectic and stressful sometimes. But when I hear their laughter and see the wonder in there faces when they learn new things I stand in awe of what God has done and I am so happy that this opportunity was NOT missed!! I know how frightening "bungee jumping" for God is, but I encourage you to consider what it is that God is saying. Your opportunity awaits...Don't you miss it!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

More Vacation Shots!

The Sea Lion Caves were a hit...

...but they stink!!!

Did I tell you the Sea Lion Caves stink?

The next highlight was the Trees of Mystery, the Giant Redwoods of Northern California!

What an amazing experience!

Then off to the Oregon Caves!

Last stop before heading back towards home was Rouge River! The jet boat river trip was a blast! We all started out very hot in the 90 degree + weather, but by the end we were all cooler and loving it!

All in all it was a fabulous and much needed vacation for all of us! We relaxed and talked and just enjoyed each other so much. We definately missed the three older kids that all have full time jobs, but life changes and we are grateful that we had this opportunity.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Yahoo!!! We are officially on summer vacation and I love it. We are traveling down the Oregon coast and it is beautiful. This is the first time beautiful E has seen an ocean(more firsts I so love to experience with my older adopted kids!).

(forever friends!)

One of our first stops was the beautiful sand dunes of Florence. 47 miles of natural sand dunes can best be experienced riding in a dune buggy!