Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Completly Inadequate

I just got done rocking my baby and I know I am completely inadequate to be the one who will convey the message of her worth. How can I ? She is absolutely precious, and beautiful, and a gift from God! I know you will believe this when I tell you, but will she? How can I convince her of her worth when her mind will tell her she is worthless? Would you believe me if I told you of your value? Many of you probably would not. Most of us will never understand the treasure we truly are and we will believe the lie of our worthlessness! How will this precious baby believe me when I tell her she is wanted and loved and treasured. All she will need to do is look to her beginning and say to herself..."That cannot be true, no one wanted me then, why should I believe you now?" It is not unlike most of you. How many of you had a past that was less than conducive to building your self worth. I asked God tonight to grant this child the ability to see her from His perspective. If she can do that she will be powerful! She will be gracious, and giving, and she will have the ability to share herself with others. If she does not believe the message that I will convey to her throughout her life than the opposite will happen. I felt what God must feel when he looks down on His precious creation and they say about themselves, "Yuck!" His heart breaks and Satan laughs! I wrote a poem some years ago and it is appropriate now for the message I want my Beautiful Baby Meseret to know. Read it and know your worth as well:

God's Perspective

Before you were born I knew you
Be aware of my love just for you!

I saw all the others I'd already made
And began to design anew

The way that you were from the day you were born
Is the way that I want you to be

And the worth that I placed on you before you became
Is the worth that I want you to keep

When I wove you together inside the womb
I saw your delicate soul

In you I could see all that you could become
And I made you completely whole

I'm aware what you think of the person I made
You think that your not so fine

But how can you put more worth on things
Than you do on what I designed?

You can say in your head and repeat in your heart
The lies you have heard all your life

But if you listen to them and forget what I've said
You will never be done with your strife

Do you know the reason I made you? Listen to this!
It's for you to be close just to me

Because no one can love you a fraction as much
As the one who made your heart beat

You look to the hills and see beauty outside
Yet pass over the most beautiful of all

The one in your mirror that you run from in fear
The one that I long to call

Could coming to me be harder
Than the life that you already have?

Or do you think that the things I will ask you to do
Will be more than your willing to give?

So now you decide, turn to me or just hide
But my love will not go away

If you keep turning your face you can never feel my grace
Even though I'm there always

Draw near to me and I promise
I never will let you down

For the closer you step the closer I'll come
Beside when I hear your voice sound

Now look to my work and notice
That the love that I talk of was proved

So long ago I came into your world
And died on a cross to save you

Whatever in your life you've done
is not what matters to me

It's only what will happen in the future
And what you choose for eternity

So don't take too long to decide if I'm wrong
For I wish only to be with you

For the rest of your days down on earth and always
Child feel your worth through and through


lorismusings said...

Boy, can I relate to what you want to teach both Meseret and Etsegenet - that they are special and loved and wanted. I know the best thing I can do is to make sure they know how God sees them - just as you said.

It will be a daily job to remind these precious creations of God that they are loved and accepted. Kalindi likes me to read a book by Max Lucado called, "Just in Case You Wonder". It deals with this topic. I don't think it is a coincidence that she likes that book. :-)

Anna Illaine said...

That is beautiful and true, I love you mom, you are doing a wonderful job with all of us kids!

Angelina said...

WOW! Mom that is an amazing poem! I now that the only one that can convey that message to Meseret is YOU!!! God has called you to be the mom of her and will give the words to say over the years!! You are truly a wonderful mom!! Thank you for always doing what God calls you to do and being such a GREAT example for all of us kids!!! I love you tons!

Kari:) said...

Dear friend, your posts always make me weep....they pierce my heart! We will commit to praying for Meseret & Etsegenet that they will grow strong God confident. Please pray for our Zoie Senait, as well. Your words are in my thoughts everyday when I hold my beautiful adopted daughter. She was loved from the moment she was born. God placed miracle love in her path every moment. I'm so honored that your daughters lived with our sweet girl...they will have a lifetime connection!
Happy Thanksgiving!!
lots of love

Renee' said...

Theresa, I enjoy reading your thoughts so much! Thanks for sharing the journey. :-)

Debi said...

What an heart touching BLOG. I have been following it since Dad's amazing journey to bring beautiful E. home. May your children always feel God's love and security.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful journey of faith with us. May God bless your family.
Hugs and prayers,