Saturday, November 22, 2008

Goodbyes and Hellos!

How does one say goodbye forever to a child they love? It is hard for me to speak to this because it is a difficulty I have not had to face. But from these photos taken by Ray of the parting at the AWA Transition House I would say these women instilled themselves into my child and sent her to her new life with a great deal of love and hope. That is what I see in the eyes of this and hope! What gracious, selfless women these are!

(One of the nannies lovingly gives Beautiful E a send off kiss)

(Fortuna, the TH nurse and a second mother to Etsegenet)

(Etsegent and Zenesh, the older girls' live in nanny. They love her so!)

(E's school teacher)

(Where it began...and now the goodbye)

(A new adventure!)

(New Friends with a warm welcome)

(New sisters with plenty of love to share)

(And of course, a sweet reunion!)

Although sometimes we must give something very precious up and take a leap of faith, let's learn the lesson that Beautiful Etsegenet has learned so well. Our mighty God never leaves you empty, and he always provides abundantly to overflowing! E is safe now. My prayer and longing has been answered and satisfied. This journey that we began seventeen months ago has come to completion. We are forever grateful to our Lord for growing our family not according to the world's standards or expectations, but according to His. I want to thank all of those who have sustained us with prayer. The battle has been won!


The Rutlands said...

God has used your story to influence our family greatly! We are now going to BEG AWAA to let us adopt an older girl along with our baby/infant. I don't know how birth order will effect their decision. We have a 10 and 7yr old girl, and a 5 and 3yr old boy. We're going to try for younger then our 10 yr. old, maybe 5-7 so she is not in between our two bio girls. Thank you so much for your testimony and for sharing it with us!! Heather (and Brian) Rutland DTE 4/4/08

Patty V. said...

I am so happy for your family!! I'm glad one chapter has ended and another exciting one began. I will continue to pray for you guys! I so hope we can get together sometime!

God bless,

Jaime said...

What a beautiful family!!! I am so happy to see BOTH of your beautiful girls HOME!!!

Karen said...

Theresa - I am breathless and my eyes are filled with tears - what a testament to faith! Thank you for all of you encouragement and prayers on our behalf. Our journey starts this Thursday and I am so looking forward to having our sons at home!! What a beautiful family!! with love, Karen Wistrom

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

OK! I'm crying!!!
That was beautiful!

lorismusings said...

Etsegenet looks so happy to be home. The girls and I loved looking at the pictures and we will talk about getting together this week. Did you remember that it is Thanksgiving? You let me know what day and we will make it work. Talk to you soon.


Kiki:) said...

Theresa, there are just no words...the new family photo is breathtaking!!! Your family is complete!! Sege looks like an angel & I can't wait to hear what she said when she saw her new room & home.
Ohhhhhh what a sweet blessing from the Lord. His power has been revealed in a very powerful way!!!
We are so happy to say....congratulations on your new girl home!! Give the family hugs from the Gibsons!!

anna illaine said...

It is amazing to see how far someone can come and still be joyful and filled with the peace of God. Etsegenet truly is a gift from heaven and I am so excited to have her as my newest little sister. Her joy radiates to all around her. She is the bravest little girl I know!

shawn and tisha said...

Praise the Lord!!! I am so happy for your family! Congratulations on having both of your beautiful girls home!!

cristie said...

VanWetten's ... your daughters are a true sight of beauty! I love seeing you all united ... all accounted for. "E" is absolutely breathtaking (as is your baby girl!).... I cannot get over her. I believe your story will prompt many to see the older children and the hope and love they behold for a waiting family. I know for myself, I have looked into "E"'s eyes on here an felt large pitter pats in my heart and wonderment of the possibility of maybe ... prayerfully... the Lord has another child still waiting for US! So, now, we pray ... knock ... seek and ask the will of our Lord.
Thank you for sharing! Thank you for opening eyes and hearts through the Project Impact Banquet and through this site! I have enjoyed much and gleaned much from what you have shared!
In HIs Name
Cristie Martine .. .San Antonio, Texas

Laurel said...

Keep seeking the Lord's will for your family size.

When we got married, we told everyone we wanted a large family. And, we thought a large family for us would be 6 kids.

After 7 kids, my husband assured me that "7 is God's perfect number" ... as in, 7 is definitely enough.

After 10 kids, my husband said he was certain that we were "done".

After 13 kids ... who knows what the Lord has planned.