Monday, March 3, 2008


Now it was my turn to jump. From what the doctor told us, the chance of me getting pregnant was slim and that seemed fine to me. In the meantime God was speaking to us about the plight of orphan children all around the world. He told us that although we might not need any more children, there were children that needed parents!! So in January 2002 we started off in another direction of obedience and sent paperwork into America World Adoption Association to bring a little Chinese girl into our family. By May of 2002 our paperwork was complete. It would take over a year to receive a referral from China, so now I relaxed a bit. It was the calm before the storm because just two months later in guessed it, I was pregnant! In less then one year from the time God had spoken to our family about our priorities we were awaiting the arrival of two baby girls.

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