Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Up To Date

In June of 2007 we applied with America World Adoption Agency to begin the process to adopt from Ethiopia. Our paper chase began right away and by November 20, 2007 it was in Ethiopia. Our family is currently awaiting a referral for one baby boy 0-12 months old and possibly an older child as well. God knows the timing and who is suppose to be here in this family. We wait patiently on His will.


Thankfulmom said...

We had a great time looking through your family photos tonight. I thank God for the way he has joined us in friendship!


Team Dragovich said...

Thank you for sharing your family with us-- we are paper chasing with AWAA for a sibling group... I am the one who asked you about curriculum for Denis-- I was so encouraged by your story and am encouraged by God is using your family. Your home is beautiful... can I ask you something?? Does the van fit in the garage?? Ha, ha!! Is that weird that I noticed that?? :)
Shari from YG