Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Ark

We have established our "new norm" with these blessings that God has given us and a peace has settled over our home. One night as we were talking before our cozy fireplace I looked around our house and realized it was a safe ark of peace. God spoke to my husband and I and said, "Pull another on! Bring another into my kingdom!" Since our dear friends are doing great works for God with Open Arms International (a medical outreach in Africa) were aware of the plight on that continent. That night I knew the next stop was Africa!!

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Andrea said...

Thanks for sharing on my blog. It is funny how we must steal time to "just peak one more time" online, we certainly don't want to miss a thing. I get the looks from my kids, that seem to say, not again! Especially since my daughter is fighting me to get on Webkins. :)

I love your blog, beautiful family!