Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Here Comes The Son!!!

We returned home from China in September of 2003. After speaking at our church some of our good friends expressed an interest in adopting as well. There had recently been a group of twenty-four older Russian children come to our vicinity on a "Family Hope" program. The intention of this visit was to place these kids in the adoptive homes they were visiting. Four of the twenty-four had not been adopted by their host families. Our friends decided to adopt two brothers and encouraged us to help them advocate for the other two boys that were left. (We later found out that one of these boys was not able to be adopted .) Since we had just returned from China it never occurred to us that we might be the family we were praying for to adopt the last of the four boys. For six months we looked for a family for this boy, then one night God spoke to us...We were to be Denis' forever family!!

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