Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Watch and See!

I really want everyone know how much we appreciate your prayers and the love you have shown  to our family in our absence.  And I also want to thank you for your patience with me as the blogging has not been as frequent or as full as I would have liked.  I know everyone has been waiting to hear our news.  First, we now have Meseret in our arms! She is even more beautiful than we had imagined.  This goes for Beautiful E as well.  Beautiful E was given permission to stay with Ray and I this week at the hotel.  She has not been able to pass through court this week and there are no allowances on any court appeals. We will not be brining her home until late November.  But before everyone feels that this was not the answer to prayer that we wanted, let me correct you….this was the BEST answer for our beautiful daughter.  Please understand that our prayers were answered in the most amazing way. We all prayed that E would pass through court, we just did not know when we prayed this that it was not E that needed to pass, but it was Ray and I that needed to pass through the court of a mother's heart.  We were given an opportunity to meet with E's sick mother.  She is a most amazing, beautiful, and Godly woman and Beautiful E resembles her in all of these ways.  We were sanctified through a process that only God could have brought about.   In a small dark room two mothers and one father joined together in unity to assure the safe keeping of a child's heart and soul.  E's mother was given the gift of eternal peace knowing that she would separate with E for this short time of life only to be reunited with her for all eternity.  And God was present in that tiny room.  This is E's time to be with her mother in her last days and on November 8  all the paperwork will be at court for the tenth time and we will see if it passes.  If not, it really does not matter because it will eventually.   God told me was E does not need to pass through court.  She needed to pass from one mother's arms right into the arms of another.   The paperwork is just a side note in a miracle that God planned long ago when a dying mother sent up a petition to the maker of the universe and requested that her daughter be safe for eternity.  I do not understand how I got to be the one to complete this work that God started on the day this child was born, but I am.  I do not feel qualified or worthy, but I can see how much God loves this child and I am sure that the tools I need will be provided.  This work that was started will be finished as the love of God is revealed fully in the life of Beautiful E…just watch and see!


Kiki:) said...

Dearest Theresa,
I'm WEEPING reading your words of love. I can't express what my heart is feeling right now for your family and beautiful E...dear Segi!!!!!!
You are my hero!!!!!!!!
God is STUNNING in His ways...they are perfect. You are a testimony of His love. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing with us...we are deeply touched!!
Praying fervently!!!!
Please give E a huge hug & kiss from the Gibson family. M is even more stunning than we remember!!! WOW

Lori said...

Oh those pictures are so sweet. We are so happy that you have this time with your daughters. Praying for E to join your family when that time is perfect. Thank you for being a light for our group.

Danielle said...

God is so faithful. His goodness overwhelms me in this moment.


Jori said...

I love you guys!! What a special blessing you have been given and also received!! Be safe - we are still praying you home!!
love ya, jori

Apryl said...

God is so good!! What an amazing story you have to share, my heart is breaking for your beautiful daughter and her mother. Your courage and grace are encouraging, praying for all of you this week.

Jaime said...

wow!!! God's timing is perfect. so hapy for your family!

beBOLDjen said...

(tears) What a precious gift. Praise God.

Patty V. said...

Thank you so much for being such an example for all of us! You and your husband are incredible, Godly parents and I know you new daughters will be exceedingly blessed. Praying for you.


Karen said...

Theresa - we are so happy you had this moment with E's mother. This is a moment you and E will cherish forever!! Praying for you - with love, Karen Wistrom

Rob & Candy said...

sniff, sniff, I am overwhelmed by God's complete care for both of families.

The Gillman Family said...

What an amazing experience. God truly is blessing this in every way. We can't wait to see the end of this story and your family to be complete. I pray that the Lord would truly bless the time E has left with her mother.

Kim (YG)

ethiHOPEia said...

What a beautiful story, it brought tears to our eyes. May the Lord give much grace to you, little E and her mother.
Hilary Forrest

Sherry said...

Oh Theresa - What a beautiful and amazing story! How precious for E that you have had these precious times with her mom! We are praying that the Lord's timing would be perfect for you bringing her home!
Sherry :)

Anonymous said...

wow. wow.
I'm teary eyed and in awe of our awesome God. You have such an amazing heart and attitutde in light of this circumstances. wow.
You guys are amazing, what a witness you for God's Glory!
Thank you!
In my prayers daily!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful hair and smile on Meseret ! Cant wait to be able to see her in person. It is wonderful that you can spend time with E. We miss and love you guys. Wilma

Theresa Tate said...

I'm so thankful that our prayers are answered in a way that fulfills God's wisdom, and so thrilled that you have been given the grace to understand and submit to His way. It is such a blessing that you have met Etseneget's mother and will be able to share that experience with her in the future.

Meseret - what a gem!

Clarizio's said...

Ray and Theresa,
We are so happy for you as we sit here together and see the photos and video of your beautiful girls. Your family is truly blessed, I am sure beyond your own imaginations. Addie is excited to meet E and to become one of her new little friends.
I have tried to keep Dennis healthy as he tried to have sugar for breakfast. I made sure he loaded up his plate with fruit as he smiled and said with a laugh, "ok daddy".
Look forward to connecting when you return.
Rob and Dana

Andrea said...

I am in awe of the beauty if this story, how clearly we can see God at work, how perfectly He had it all planned, how amazing He chose the perfect mommy and daddy and family to continue this journey for E. It is the biggest blessing and honor that you had with her birth mother and I will cherish this story forever. M is as gorgeous as I remember her and she looks perfect in both of your arms!!

Zack and Rebecca Caldwell said...

Your words have so inspired me as we did not pass court and are struggling to understand why. Thank you for sharing this story- you are a blessing!

Erica said...

What an amazing story as well as a testimony of faith - both yours and E's biological mother. God is so faithful and loving. Thank you for sharing your heart and your family's story with us.

Erica R.

Thankfulmom said...


You are in my prayers. This post is so beautiful. I fully understand the privilege of meeting your child's mother and sharing her heart for her/your child to be raised in the faith. I am so very happy that you had this blessed opportunity.


The Friesens said...

I am one of your blog followers and am so very encouraged to read the words you have left on this post. Thank you for allowing the Lord to work His truth and grace in you as you wait on Him and trust in His perfect will for your beautiful precious child. What a gift you all have been given in this amazing journey. Blessings to you and yours...