Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I am thrilled to inform all of you that our packing is complete and everything comes in at the 50 lb. mark. This is the before...
This is the after...

And another unexpected surprise came in tonight. A friend put an ad on Craig's List and received 40 more cans of formula for us to take along. She also acquired about 40 single serves and 24 single servings of extra nutritious formula for sick infants!! We ended up taking out the clothing donations which will now travel with the Gamble family to Ethiopia in several weeks. We decided the formula was more important now. The clothing can wait just a bit. We give God the glory for his provision for these children!


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Have a wonderful safe journey. Wilma

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for your trip and all that God has worked out. I just know you will be coming home with two girls. Kalindi & Kira are praying and they have a good track record. :-)

Lori S.

Jori said...

So happy you are finally getting your turn in ET!! What a blessing you have been to so many here while you had to wait this extra time ~ God has blessed!!! I pray for safty, Gods-speed and rest somewhere in there!! If your lugage is over at the airport you may just have to eat all the See's chocolate at the check-in counter!!! :):) Can't wait to "see" you next week!!!
love ya, jori

Kiki:) said...


OK...I can relax. I forgot to peek here to see if you were traveling this week. Any news on Segi?? The pics of your luggage brings back lots of emotions. We are praying for you!! Keep us updated!!
love you,

Theresa Tate said...

Theresa and Ray,

I'm so excited for you and will be praying for a safe journey! I can't wait to meet Meseret!

Cheers, Theresa T

Theresa Tate said...

Hi Theresa and Ray,

I'm so excited for you and will be praying for a safe journey. I can't wait to meet little Meseret!

Theresa T.