Monday, October 20, 2008

Packing, Packing, Nothing but Packing!!

Usually I love puzzles: sudoku, crossword, or even an occasional very complicated 1000 piece puzzle. But can I tell you, I am sick of this suitcase puzzle. Hundreds of, more likely thousands of items must not only fit into our luggage, but each suitcase is not suppose to weigh over 50 lbs. Just a side note here: I am using my VERY old bathroom scale and so far each case is weighing in very accurately at exactly 50 lbs. What I am afraid of is when I get to the airport I will find out that I actually have to go on a diet because my suitcases will weigh in five pounds over their allotted tonnage and I will know the truth about what I have suspected all along. My scale has been lying to me all these years! Back to my problem. See if you can help me...Each of us gets just two pieces of luggage that cannot weigh more than the allotted amount. We can have one carry on each with one personal bag. Here is the real glitch: I have two hundred pounds of formula alone. So much for our check in bags. That leaves me with only two carry ons for our clothing, plus the baby's clothes, plus care packages for our friend's children, some food for our trip, a computer, a camera, a video camera, nanny gifts, gifts for the orphanage, toiletries, medical kit, documents, baby backpack, some clothes and goodies for Beautiful E...well, you get the picture.
O.K., so here is my solution; Bite the bullet and pack two extra suitcases at the unhappy tune of $130.00 each. Oh well, I see no other way. So for tonight I will rest and in the morning I will go at it again until I win and there are no more Ethiopia essentials scattered all over my living room and family room floors. I will try to show you a picture tomorrow. Good Night!


Anonymous said...

I agree. Pay for the extra luggage. You have Much to take with you. Cant wait to meet our newest niece. Safe journeys and God Bless. Wilma

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Yep!! Right there with ya TB!!! LOL
Someone wanted to bring over something for us to take yesterday and I had to tell them no...I have no more room! Actually, I have room just no more weight! Man! If they weighed people I'd be over 3 suitcases...we'd definitely be paying the "extra baggage fee"!!!!!!!! LOLOLOL Guess I don't need any Sees candy!!

JbarJ Mom said...

I KNOW - just take me with you and you can bring two more suitcases! We will be with you in prayer...maybe someone will be willing to discount your extra luggage fees along the way. We'll pray for that. Kristine

E said...

I'd pay the extra fee...however, I would first call the airlines you'll be flying (domestic & international) and ask if they will give you a free allowance of 2 bags (or however many you're filling with formula) for humanitarian stuff you're bringing along! Explaining the 200 pounds of formula...they might just do it.


Anonymous said...

Well, we just added to their problems tonight by adding over 40 more cans of formula. We had a blast rearranging with them and stuffing, literally every can we could into the suitcase that was already full!!! Theresa had to take out more things and put in the formula but Praise The Lord, we got it in. We are so very excited to see God work through all of us. We should all remember to keep praying that all this will get through customs and they will not add to many fees on to get it into the country. Thank you to those who donated the formula!


Jori said...

You go my friend, you rock!!
love, jori