Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sun Kissed Mountainside

I feel as though I am on the cliff of a mountain perched, ready to jump once again into the eternal free fall that I have taken before with adoption. In less than one month I will see the faces of my newest children and I can't help but wonder once again....Will they love me too? I made a decision long ago to take them into my heart, will they do the same with me? I think this may be one of the scariest things about God. He asks us to do things that require unconditional obedience, regardless of the outcome. Yet tonight I was calmed a little by a chance meeting I had at a cancer research fundraiser. I met Solana tonight. A beautiful young soul. Her name refers to the sun as it first touches its warm raise on the mountainside. She is twenty-nine, not much older than my oldest daughter. A woman, yet in some ways just a little girl. I felt she could have been my child. As we talked tonight I saw her beauty and her pain. I wanted to touch her heart and let her know how eternal she is, how important her life is to eternity, and how I did not want her to miss the things that will make her happy and make her live. I wanted to tell her not to listen to the world and its lies about career and self ambition. I wanted to tell her the things she should have been told all her life: her value, her beauty, her strength and her purpose. I wanted her to know that she has choices and they include life and happiness and family and stability. I wanted to influence her so she could see her value. But she was there and then she was gone and a moment seems inadequate to direct this precious life. My hope is that she heard. Later as I reflected on this evening and the conversation I had with Solana I realized the hope there is in this adoption. These children I will bring into my life from Ethiopia, no matter their beginning, will now hear my voice speaking of their value and teaching them the truth about who they are. They will hear these truths spoken not just for a moment but day after day, year after year. I pray that the brief conversation with beautiful Solana made an impact on her because she is worth much, yet it is uncertain. I realize tonight with certainty that the voice of truth that I speak into my newest daughter's lives about their worth will impact them for eternity. I am ready to jump off that sun-kissed mountain.

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ethiHOPEia said...

Amen! That is what we are called to do as matter the outcome. May the Lord water and grow the seeds we plant!