Saturday, August 30, 2008

Feeling Gloomy, but Hopeful

I am sad tonight. It is still weeks away from our court date and only God knows how it will all go. If it goes as planned we will travel at the end of October, but we will see....All I want is to hold my kids and bring them home safely and there are so many miles and difficulties separating us. Today was my birthday and my family gave me the most precious gifts: Binkies, bottles, sippie cups, a rattle and baby spoons. These gifts gave me hope, but at the same time I feel like crying. I have said that adoption is like bungee jumping for God, but this is the longest free fall EVER!!!!
In the meantime things are coming along with Project Impact. A facility is secured for the fund raiser and the date is set for October 4Th. We will send out 120 invitations to key colleagues, friends and family. We are praying for a windfall of funds to come in that night to secure the transition house and orphanages with much needed supplies. Although we were hoping to send a container of product things are looking bleak. It seems the Ethiopian government requires a tax on most imports including food and supplies even for non-profit organizations. Many times this tax is more expensive than the actual products. We have one last hope that the Orthodox Church in Ethiopia might be able to help us, but it is a long shot. As a result we will focus our attention on the fund raiser. There is much planning to do in a very short time, but with God's help we will accomplish this task for him. Pray for our strenght and determination as we set about putting this night together and for it's abundant success.


Sherry said...

Theresa -

I love the comment about adoption being like bungee jumping with God with a long free fall. So true!!! We continue to pray that God would show himself mighty with the fundraiser and the possible container shipment. And Happy Birthday!

Blessings! - Sherry Semlow

Anonymous said...

How exciting. I know you have Incredible support with all of your contacts. What a Wonderful cause. Wilma

Paul and Holly West said...

First off, Happy Birthday!
Secondly, we are excited about the fundraiser, and are really hoping we can come.
Continuing to pray for you guys through this wait.
Love ya!

ethiHOPEia said...

We know what you mean...we want to be there so much as well! It is so hard knowing they are getting bigger and bigger everyday. Yet, I must keep thinking that God wants them there in Ethiopia at this time. So I trust that His timing is right.
You're doing so much, we're excited for the container! Hope things continue to fall into place!

Erica said...


Happy belated birthday!

We are praying for the fundraiser to be a huge success! Also, we are praying that God will open the doors in Ethiopia to allow the shipment of supplies.

Your discouragement and longing for your child comes through clear, but please remember that your child is also God's child. Even though you aren't in ET right now cradling your child, God is. We've been struggling with adoption for almost 2 years and have hit roadblock after roadblock - the wait is never easy. Please know that we are praying for you, your family, and your child.

The Reeds