Monday, August 4, 2008

Court News and Updates!

Our coordinator has informed us that we have been given a court date of August 6th. We were very surprised and are waiting prayerfully for a positive answer. If we are successful we are hoping to travel at the end of August. Please join us as we pray for success in court, not just for our family, but for the three other families that have this same date!
We also received an update on our children today. Their medical issues are still bothering them, yet they are very resilient and happy. Both girls are eating and sleeping well. We are told time and again that Beautiful E has such a sweet heart and is so helpful with the babies. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is doing great with her English. This is such good news as it will make her transition that much easier. Baby M wakes once at night for a feeding and generally has an easy-going personality. She has extremely long and beautiful eyelashes...lucky girl!!
We are wanting so much for them to be home with their forever family! Please pray for peace for us as we wait for the judge to make the final decision to give us our children now or in the fall. We will wait on the Lord and we trust him for the protection of our girls during the most challenging phase of our adoption.


Susan said...

We've been trying to figure out who the 4th family was for a week! I was hoping that it was you all since you had posted about some health issues. We are one of the four families too and are praying like crazy!!!!!

Love, Susan

Jori said...

Praying for today ~ may our Lord continue to bless us all!! Hopeing that the packing may begin for you!!