Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First Snow!

In the Willamette Valley snow is a novelty! So at the first hint of it everything shuts down and kids run to
catch the first flakes. On Sunday our first snow fell and we all scrambled to find something warm enough to stay out as long as possible since the chances of it actually sticking are rare. Some of our kids actually got one of their Christmas presents early...snowsuits! Well this year we hit it big, three inches has stayed for three days and the forecast says more is on the way. Driving can be very scary since we are all novices here in Oregon. Etsegenet was hilarious throwing snowballs in flip-flops until her toes and fingers could not take it any more. Abigail was so excited she ran out of the house in her jamies, flopped herself down on the walkway and proceeded to make a snow angel. And although there was only a half inch of snow on the ground it looked pretty good and she could not have been happier about it. The big kids got in on the fun and I made the family our traditionally snow treat of cinnamon toast served warm outside in between snowballs fights! I love these days and I thank God for the breaks he sends us in only ways the he can...this time it was SNOW!


Anonymous said...

Cute snowsuits. Wilma

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

If snow is a novelty in your valley, imagine how much more so it is in the high desert of the Antelope Valley! hahaha We got our first snow in years and it's still snowing!!! I'm such a mean mother though! I made my kids eat breakfast before they went out! LOLOLOL Didn't want any wet, cold breaking down kids on my hands 30 min. after they went out! LOL
Love to you all!

Jill said...

These are awesome pictures - especially the one with the snowflakes on the eye lashes!

It snowed here again the other day - we waited just long enough for there to be enough snow to head outdoors. Which didn't happen until after dinner. We put the little ones to sleep and out the other four went with me - sledding for over an hour in the dark. It was a blast until we popped one of our sleds in the thicket bushes - LOL! Ooops we went a little too fast and too far!


Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Hey Ray--where are you in your snow pics? :) Hope you aren't still outta commission from the ol' soup! LOL
By the way, it's quite funny to see Theresa's pic next to your comment...puts on a good face for the family. :)
Merry Christmas!
With love,

Nancy Lee said...

THis is strange...., your blog just appeared on my computer screen? So I started reading and reading and loving your photos and family! I am a mother of 6, 2 adopted from China. My husband, a Chaplain, took a job in FL and we just moved here from PA, we're missing that snow, atleast me and the kids! You are blessed, continue to be a blessing and thank you for blessing me with your blog! Nancy

Nancy Lee said...

Please email me at raggedychen@yahoo.com so I can chat with you off your blog if it's OK? Thanks, nancy