Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Beauty Queen

What would you think if a beauty queen was born into your family?? Well we have one and she just finished beauty school so she can make everyone else one as well!! Fifteen months ago our second daughter made a decision to end her brief career as a nursing student and check out the possibility of becoming a cosmetology expert (not that she wasn't one already). So with much trepidation and concern I accompanied her to the local school of hair design. I walked in trying to be as supportive a mother as I could possible be considering I had pictured her as a medical missionary nurse in Kenya or something "holy" like that. As we walked in we were greeted not by a pierced-lipped, purple-haired, new-age guru...,but a neatly put together young woman who welcomed us with a warm smile. I was pleased, but still sufficiently sceptical considering the world at large. We strolled around the newly built school, loaded with hair washing basins and multiple cutting stations. Students were milling around and doing various beauty applications to thrift conscious patrons and surprisingly enough most of them looked quite "normal"(whatever that is). But the clencher was when we entered the freshman classroom that was filled to capacity with mannequin heads being trimmed and curled and fashioned in a never ending variety of hairstyles and makeup applications. I was shocked....Anna is the only child in the world that I know that asked Old Saint Nick for a Barbie head for Christmas and then actually used it for the next five years. It was Anna that prepped all her girlfriends for their formal dinners and graduation events and made them look beautiful. At that moment when I saw the "Barbie heads" I exclaimed with all my heart..."Look Anna your home!!" Needless to say she signed up for beauty school that day and has completed her program. Since she began the program the benefits from a mother's perspective far outweigh the father's (considering the cost). I have received any number of hair styles, facials, and personal at home pedicures while her father received only a few trims... and of course the bill. She is now well on her way to making the world a more beautiful place. She has all the potential of a beauty queen and now possesses the skills that accompany it!

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Sara said...

I was thinking about mine and Anna's American Girl dolls the other day. I was thinking about how Addy's hair was always so creatively braided and twisted into these crazy up-dos, and how Felicity's was always in some ratty lop-sided pony-tail. I am so happy that Anna is putting what truly is a gift to use-- and that other people can now benefit from her soul's beauty as she helps them with their hair, or gives them a pedicure.