Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Watch and Wait

It is official...we have signed and sent in our referral papers on our daughter!! She is officially matched with us and now we wait for the second half of our referral. International adoption takes patience, endurance, and a faith in things not yet seen. When God first spoke to us about this adoption he put a little baby boy in our hearts, but as the paperwork and the months progressed he opened our hearts to this 10 year old girl as well. The warfare has really just begun for these new kids of ours. The enemy will not relinquish them so easily. The hoops that we must still go through seem daunting...nearly impossible really when you see them on paper: Custody releases must be signed and sealed, dossier papers must be reviewed by a small committee that meets sometimes only once a week, the court date must be set...but only after all documents are in order, a notice must be sent out to ensure that no one will reclaim these children...all this must be completed and all in a country that is experiencing droughts causing food shortages and blackouts. If I look at this from my world it seems impossible, but it was God that asked us to bring two more children into the safety of our family and so I let Him be in charge of these children's lives. So for our children's sake we do everything in our power to move this process..but we know ultimately it will be God that brings it all to completion!!


Lori Schneider said...

Reading your list of documents and official things that must be completed brings it all back! It is amazing how quickly you forget all the work once you have that child. :-) You are right about the spiritual warfare. I never really thought about it that way. I always hate to give Satan too much credit, but you do have to be aware of it and then put on your armor and pray!

Wilma & Eddie said...

We cannot wait to meet our new neice. Eddie & Wilma