Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Meeting of Encouragement

I was encouraged today by a meeting we had at a coffee shop. My husband and I were asked by another couple to meet with them about adoption. I can tell you we have spoken with countless folks about this subject and have implored people to consider as followers of Jesus Christ to save a life for the Kingdom. Usually we are considered somewhere between a freak show and sainthood. This meeting was different. The first thing that struck me was the view this couple had of their family. They have a uniquely peaceful home and feel that this should be shared, that there is a child out there that needs to be safe within this peace. Most people would not want to take on this change and rock the boat by bringing a stranger into their family. The second thing was their faith that God is in control of their finances. Usually when we talk to people about adoption the first turn off, especially for the men, is expenses. But this couple was different. The husband had a quiet confidence when he spoke of God being in control of all the wealth in the world and he was certain that money would come as necessary with an adoption. Well, when a man talks like that it is certain that is heart is fixed on God and his own family. He is not controlled by men or the world. I was excited to see the first stage in the birth of a child into a family. Today this couple walked through a door on their journey to get the child of their heart. It was obvious that God had called them to this. It is hard for me to understand why more Christian couples have not heard this call. I know many others who have adopted and they feel the same way. But I cannot focus on this. For today God encouraged me. I cannot adopt every orphan in the world...but today I can rest in the thought that one more orphan will have a safe home and will come to know Jesus because this couple is not afraid to hear from God that there is work to be done. I believe they see as we do that it is not enough to just encourage others to do the action. We are the workers and the fields of the orphans are ripe for the picking. Jesus knows this and so he will continue to call those who have ears to hear and a few more children will be snatched out of the enemies hands. I thank God that he woke us up from our lethargy before it was too late and I am grateful that He has awakened others to travel this journey as well.


jamullins said...

Love that post!


Karen said...

Blessings Teresa! So great to hear about this couple. Also know that their are countless others that you may not specifically talk with but they see the transforming work being done in your family, and it has planted a seed in their minds and hearts as well! with love, Karen Wistrom

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beautiful post! We loved meeting with you, and are excited to move forward. A & D

Anonymous said...

It was so fun to talk with you yesterday and go over this exact subject! I love the way you put it in this post and think I will link it to the post I just made on a similar subject. :-)

I pray, along with you, that more believing families will go outside their comfort zone and obey Jesus' call to care for the widows and orphans and the "least of these" in His name!