Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Precious Gifts!

Each gift I received this year for Mother's Day was a gift of the heart! My husband got me the can opener I wanted and my son scrap booked a handmade card and put a Starbucks gift card in it.

The baby got me a gift card from J.Jill, which was really a surprise. My 6 year old was so excited for me to open the cat pot holder that she was jumping up and down saying," You are going to LOVE this gift mom!" Of course I did too! My other six year old gave me a cheese grater that we each got a turn at later that day when we had spaghetti. Sege was very thoughtful and made sure I had mustard, mayo, and ketchup squeeze bottles. One of my older daughters took pity on me and got me a pair of REAL potholders. (As you can tell I was potholder deficient) Two of my richer children bought me a certificate for a pedicure. Candles were even purchased by my starving college student. All in all I made quite a haul on Mother's Day...but the best gift of all was just having my children all home and present to celebrate with!


tisha said...

Happy Mother's Day! :)

Kari said...

WOWWW you really had a great moms were very spoiled:)) What an incredible bunch of kiddos you have!! Glad you had such a happy day!!!

Apryl said...

That is a HAUL :) Your day sounds like it was fun--your kids sound fantastic. One bonus of having loads of children, you get loads of gifts on Mother's Day!

Natalie Rae said...

Hey, I am not all that hungry most of the time... but I happen to share your appreciation for candles, Mom. (I actually made an oil lamp the other day... it was pretty cool). Truth be told I had wondered if you would want more candles and when you said that you wanted some on Saturday, I was faking disapproval.

blessedmomto7 said...

Love the gifts!