Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Grad

Our oldest son is graduating from high school next month! It is hard to believe that he is old enough, but of course time flies. We have had the privilege to home school Noah up until this year. He is finishing his last year of high school at our local community college while obtaining his freshman year credits. Not bad considering he is also finishing high school a year early and working 24 hours/wk at his job. Smart Boy! We are so proud of him! Here is his graduation video which is just a snapshot of our precious son...Enjoy!


Debi said...

What an amazing son you have in Noah. We rejoice in God's unique giftings and plans and purposes that are unfolding in his life. May God direct his steps.

Love and hugs and prayers,

Kari said...

Hey oldie but goodie:)))
WAY TO GO NOAH!! We love the VanWetten family!!! What a special milestone & such an amazing son...WOW!!! Keep blogging my friend!

OK granny, you forgot to take off our olllld blog site & add the new...simply love. LOL
Put on your thick bifocals...

Kari said... made my day:))I love your blog & its so much fun to show it off on my blog!
Can you believe that nasty "pelt" I've never seen anything like that so we were shocked!! When Rog went to pick him up, they brought out the pelt first...he honestly thought the dog had died! Was that even possible?? LOL
Poor Tate!! He won't need grooming for months:)
love ya & keep updating with pics of the kiddos!!

Thankfulmom said...

What a great slide show. I have never met your Noah - but I got teared up just watching him grow. The verse you used is the same one we chose for our Noah - also born in 1991.

Anonymous said...

made me cry... gini

Anna said...

Tears. Tears of amazement and a sense of the pride you and Ray must have.

God is good.