Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spaghetti Math!

I love starting up school in the fall with my kids. Summer is over, but in Oregon the weather is still hot. Home school is the best because whatever fun thing you can think of to help your children learn, you can do. You are only limited by your imagination. My six year old has been having trouble remembering the numbers 7,8,9, and 10. She can count them but if I change their order she gets them mixed up. So today we tried a different approach...Spaghetti Math! I had the two little ones finish their seat work and I put on the noodles to cook. Once the noodles were loose and squishy I brought my pupils into the kitchen(of course they needed to wear their chef hats). We proceeded to practice making all their noodle numbers 1-10 on the counter. They never realized that we were actually accomplishing our goal of really learning those numbers and the best part was they were able to eat their homework and not get in trouble.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun. What a great idea. They dont even know they are learning. I like their outfits. Wilma

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

I LOVE the pictures!!!! YOu are such a fun mom!!!! I am so not fun in the school realm!!! LOL "Just get it done so we can do other things" seems to be my general feeling. hahaha
We reserved my ticket last night!!!
Can't wait to hear from your hubby about the other one so we can buy mine!!!! Yipee!!!

Anonymous said...

I love those sisters of mine! Mom, you are so creative. (I love you too btw)


Jori said...

I love the spag. math! Just wanted to stop by today and say 3 more weeks!! Come on MOWA!!
love, jori

Anna Illaine said...

Mom, I wish I had been able to do noodle math with you to learn my numbers... I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING!!!!! I will never forget when we got to go to Chicago for hands on study!!!!! You are the BEST mom ever!!!!!