Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back on the Roller Coaster

It is less than three weeks before our court date! How do I feel...Well have you ever been on Disney's California Screamin' roller coaster ride? Yeah, it's something like that and ironically once I get to Ethiopia I will probable get sick just like the last time I went on that ride! The difference is after this adoption ride is over I will have two new people in my family to go on the real ride for me so I can just sit back and watch them scream and I won't have to get sick anymore. GREAT IDEA!

Here is a fun thing I did yesterday...went shopping. Some of you might not think that is so great, but I got to shop for Baby M. It made this adoption seem more real than ever before. I can picture her in the pale green overalls and onesie that says, "I love ewe!", with the mama sheep kissing the baby sheep on the front. Next week I will shop for Beautiful E.
Some prayer requests are:
*Pray for safety and security for our girls in Ethiopia
*Start praying now for success in court so we can finally get these girls home.
*Our I-171h form has a discrepancy. It states we are approved for two children yet the National Passport Center has us only approved for one baby. Pray I can get it worked out quickly!
*Continued prayer for the details coming together for Project Impact and that the funds that have been committed will come in.

The latest update on Project Impact on October 11th...
Our tables are almost sold out! We only have about twenty spots left. That is a blessing. Many contributors have donated some wonderful auction items. There are just a few details left to finalize. The silent auction brochure needs to be written and the singer has not said if the new date change works for him. It is not a big deal though since we can live without a music presentation, it would just be a cherry on top if it did work out. We have accommodations figured out for all the out of town guests. So everything is coming together. Praise God!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you are on top of everything. What an exciting time with the fundraiser and 2 new daughters to join your / our family soon. You are always in our prayers, especially Now.

Chloe said...

Travel buddy...(Lord willing!!!)
Ooohhh! Shopping for Ezana has been so great!! Makes it feel more we may actually get to travel some day soon!?! I have so much stuff piled high in the front room and I keep chuckling thinking about how much I will end up leaving there or bringing back with us that never got used...but boy I sure wouldn't want to be without any of it "just in case!"
I can't wait to see your sweet girls ... I feel like I know them already!
Hope you have a wonderful Lord's day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hey mom, it is great to hear the update. I guess if I want to know what is going on this is a great place to find out! I will definitely be praying. Love you lots!

small world said...

Theresa! I have some nutrition information for you but I seem to have lost your email. Can u email me at

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Opps!!! Sorry that the link at the top of my previous post said, "Chloe said"!!! I didn't realize that a friend had been on the computer and not signed out of her gmail account! :)
Hey! Guess what I got in the mail!!! Yep! A totally cool invitation to the Project Impact Dinner & Auction!!! It is so cool! I love it! Thanks so much for sending us one!!!
from your travel buddy :)