Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Working Out the Kinks!

As we prepare our lives for two more precious children there are a few kinks that have needed to be worked out before all is ready...

The first kink was in my back. I tweaked it several years ago while pushing the little girls in a stroller. I ignored it at first(a very bad idea), and after about a year I had a severe back problem that physical therapy didn't even touch. Finally, I decided to take back my health. I started by visiting a chiropractor to realign my back. It took about four or five adjustments. Then in order to keep the problem from reoccurring I began lifting weights three times a week and walking five days a week. It has been a year and a half since I started this program. I am pleased to say that over the course of that time I have lost a little weight and it has stayed off, I am so much stronger that I feel I can carry a baby again, and the best part of all...the kink is gone!!

The next kink is my age...I'm 46! Are you surprised that I tell you this? Well don't be because I worked this kink out too. Physically I feel great...and emotionally I am mature enough to not care about what people think...and Spiritually I always listen to the Word of God which does not say anything about retirement, but does say a lot about finishing the race strong. So this brings me to another one of my poems. (Yes, I did write the adoption poem on this blog!) Here it is...

Aging Ladies

An aging lady droops just a bit where once all was tight and firm.
A jiggle is seen where it never had been and her waist's a bit hard to discern.

Little lines now appear like the feet of a crow 'round her eyes as she laughs through her day.
Though the cream in her jar states, "Miracle Cure!", her smile proves they are here to stay.

She aches a bit more at the end of her day, she sighs at the changes she sees,
When out of her head pops a long silver thread that she yanks out triumphantly!

Her children cheer as she jogs 'round the block gaining muscle tone with every lap.
But the sweat and the pain convince her again that it's healthier to take a cat nap.

But not all is grim as time marches on, there's a positive thing that is true,
Those baby stretch marks that were purple and dark are faded to a light shade of blue.

Though her body will fade as the years go by, you won't see a frown on her face,
Because this lady has learned to be more concerned with laughter, and wisdom, and grace.

The last kink we worked out was how to fit eleven people in a four bedroom house. O.K. here is the answer...with lots of love, lots of cooperation, and a little creativity. Of course my husband and I took one room for ourselves. We told everyone that we share a room and so will they. (It's good to start practicing life skills early don't you think?) So our twenty-one and twenty year old young women graciously share a bunk bed trundle with their five year old sister. Our fourteen year old sweetly resides with our other five year old girl. And when our newest 10 year old daughter comes home it will be a bunk with a trundle set up as well. Our two boys share a room downstairs. And as for little Baby M....she will be in one of our two walk-in closets that has been transformed into the most elegant miniature nursery you have ever seen(complete with a small window)!

So now that we have worked out all the kinks we are able to it will be up to God to work out the one that we cannot....Court Date ASAP! Praise God for His abundant provision for our family!!


The Gillman Family said...

The nursery is absolutely beautiful!!!! Praying for your court date!

Kim (YG)

Anonymous said...

Cute poem. Beautiful nursery. Hope all the spiders are gone. Wilma

life.loving.realist. said...

Oh Theresa I am So excited for you. I talk about your beautiful family all the time-- I miss you all. And I can't wait until I can see your new beautiful girls from Ethiopia!!!!!

JbarJ Mom said...

Love the (I mean live the...) poem! Love the nursery too! Waiting to see the post that says that court date is set. Let it be soon Lord.

Jason, Erica, and Ashton Reed said...

Your nursery is beautiful! I love the colors! Great job.

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! That looks amazing!!!! Can you come redecorate my closet?! hahaha
Oh! And the linen dress of faith!!!
When am I going to get to meet you face to face???!!! :)
PS thinking about curriculum this week??? :) You have till Friday to order! LOL