Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Vacant Spot!

As I wait with much anticipation for the miracle of a court date before the August 7th closing, putting care packages together for our girls has helped ease the longing a bit. With the help of a dear friend I was able to sew a beautiful photo album for Baby M. My friend is a real quilter and she let me "shop" at her house for all the fabric. I was able to use flannels and Minke(an extra soft baby blanket material) to bring texture and warmth to the book. Baby M will also receive a summer sleeper, booties, and a bright, soft yellow teddy bear. Beautiful E will receive a nightgown, colored pencils, a drawing book, jellybeans and a camera for her to take pictures of loved ones in Ethiopia. It is nice to have a project and give our girls something to express our love for them while we wait. Saturday, July 5th, one of the AWAA families will be traveling to pick up their precious two-year-old boy. They most generously agreed to deliver our cargo of love to our children. This is the second time another Christian family has literally been the hands and feet of Jesus for us to deliver these packages and I cannot express my appreciation. My heart has an vacant spot and a desperate longing for my children that is hard to describe. I know it will only be filled when we bring our two newest children home and they are safe!

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